I had a wonderful session with Myffie James. The pulsing felt deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Myffie was very present during the treatment so it was an excellent experience with her hands knowing exactly what was best at any given moment. Thanks so much Myffie

Sally Dawson, Chiroprator (2019)

What an amazing journey this Hakomi counseling with Myffie has been. I thought I had it all sorted, but the challenges of raising wee ones after a successful career proved otherwise. Only ten sessions yet I feel I made massive, life changing leaps all without having to over-analyse or criticise my past. I am so grateful for Myffie’s gentle, calm, non-judgemental way and above all her kindness and wisdom. Feeling pretty lucky to have had this as a first ever experience with counseling!

Rachel (2014)

Working with someone who is supporting you with your well being – and what may be hindering that – is extremely personal. I would venture to say it is very sacred work. I want a therapist to be professional with good boundaries, and yet remain present with me no matter what comes up… be kind, really hear me, empathise, care, not judge, and ultimately enable to me to feel safe. Myffie is very insightful, has an enormous heart and embodies these things almost effortlessly. She has exceptional skills as a therapist – and human being – to help you safely unwind, relax and perhaps explore what may be keeping you from feeling your best or holding you back.

RJ 2019