Hakomi Psychotherapy; a BodyMind Therapy

You are welcome here…

Hakomi offers you an invitation to look within yourself and to notice what is happening, in a non-judgemental, loving way. I will listen to you and guide you, through a mindfulness process, to explore your inner experiences. The aim is to seek awareness and wholeness by tapping in to your inner wisdom/knowledge/experiences/memories.

This is an experiential method of self study. It offers you a way to learn from yourself, to accept all your many parts as they are and to be guided by your inner wisdom.  It allows change to occur naturally as you gain more understanding.

To do this we start by noticing what is happening in the present moment, as it is now. This is a reflection of how you express yourself, how you interact with others and how you react in a certain situations. We look for automatic behaviours that reflect how we are in this world. We might explore those behaviours to gain insight as to their origin and therefore decide if they are serving us well in the present. This exploration offers us greater choice in how we respond to life’s events, with greater understanding, awareness and a deeper knowing of ourselves. It offers us a choice to avoid  hurt and suffering, perhaps shame, to have healthier relationships with others.

Attachment, welcome and safety issues can be explored. Whether your needs were/are being met, what might these be? Did/do you have the freedom to choose what you want? Are you a perfectionist? Are you good enough?

Neuroscience is now demonstrating that our brain can be re-wired to create new ways of thinking and change our core beliefs. These core beliefs were founded on experiences which happened when we were in relationship with someone else. Re-wiring therefore happens when we are again in relationship with someone else and allows for discovery, healing and making conscious choices about how to be while being received in a new way by that other person, hopefully with love, empathy and compassion. These people are often our family and friends. A Hakomi Therapist can also enable this to happen.

See Origins of Hakomi.


Hakomi is a way of looking at the world that is compassionate, mindful, curious, non-invasive, humorous and respectful.
To notice what arises without judgement, is the essence of Hakomi.

Your Session:

We would spend an hour, exploring with compassion and curiosity that which is present in the moment, and what has been brought in to our time together.

Together we would, in Mindfulness, bring awareness to what is happening in your body and the relationship between us and others to discover what it is that triggers you or how you react to situations and people. This is a reflection of past experience and decisions that were made earlier in your life. Often this has been unconscious. With awareness it is possible to make different choices.

What an amazing journey this hakomi counseling with Myffie has been. I thought I had it all sorted, but the challenges of raising wee ones after a successful career proved otherwise. Only ten sessions yet I feel I made massive, life changing leaps all without having to over-analyse or criticise my past. I am so grateful for Myffie’s gentle, calm, non-judgemental way and above all her kindness and wisdom. Feeling pretty lucky to have had this as a first ever experience with counseling!

Rachel (Dec 2014)