Taking Care of You.

Slow down


Being With

  Time and space for you

Mind body support

Holistic Pulsing – supportive rhythmic movement, deeply relaxing. Teacher and therapist.

Hakomi Psychotherapy Graduate mindful exploration of mind/body/emotion, trauma support.

Professional Supervision for Body workers

Massage and Cranial Sacral Therapy – for fascia release, movement, integration.

Being with you, non-judgemental, accepting, just as you are.

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Email: myffie@holisticmindbody.nz

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A little about the Enhancing Relationships course.

This course explores how to have healthier and happier relationships through a greater understanding of yourself, your behaviours and expectations, as well as those who you have relationships with.

The information has been gathered for your reflection and conversations in the hope that you can Enhance your Relationships!

Topics covered include:

Module 1:  What is love? Building intimacy within your relationship.

Module 2:  Selecting your partner. Unconscious bias and the chemistry of love. What is the love language? Getting to know each other. Expectations.

Module 3:  Staying together. Denial, projections and transference, power struggles. The disconnect and re-connection.

Module 4:  Parts Theory.

Module 5:  Communication skills. The language of apology. Healthy anger. A positive feedback model.

Module 6:  Core life issues and attachment styles. Healing process.

Bonus modules:  Values and Virtues,  Wheel of Consent by Betty Martin

Check out the Enhancing Relationships page for more information or click on the button below to access these modules for only $100 NZ.
(no refunds given)