I had met Myffie over the years and was always curious about getting a session with her. I was dealing with some stress due to a specific issue in my life and thought it would be a good time to see if she could help me process through it. In only 2 sessions I had clarity around my thoughts and emotions related to the issue and how I was holding it in my body. With her varied background with mind body therapy, I was able to shift and move forward quite quickly. Myffie is knowledgeable, has a unique breadth of understanding of the mind body connection and has a kind heart. I will most definitely see her again when I need help and would highly recommend her services.”
BB 2019

I have been coming to Myffie for years and would highly recommend to anyone that they let themselves be treated by her.

Myffie creates a relaxing, safe space that allows me to take time to nurture and heal myself. Because of her wide range of skills, Myffie seamlessly applies the modality best suited to support my needs during any given visit. Her healing hands and graceful presence always provides relief from life’s tensions and space to breathe.

Part of what makes sessions with Myffie so good is her ability to create and hold space. Fortunately she has expanded this important aspect of her skill kit by facilitating retreats. Last year I attended one of her Mindfulness Retreats and was treated to an incredible weekend that was beautifully planned to flow easily while creating opportunities for growth, relaxation, healing and mindfulness in a supportive, encouraging space. Her attention to detail meant that everything including the amazing location, nourishing food, guided opportunities and time to integrate the learning added up to a fantastic weekend of personal growth and enriching experiences.”

KM 2020

“I have had a number of sessions with Myffie and found that not only did the pulsing relax my body, I was also able to release emotional tension. Her sessions are very effective and have given me lasting relief.
Myffie is a highly skilled multi-disciplinary therapist who has worked with me a number of times. I have greatly benefited from her sessions on all levels – mind, body and soul. I love the gentle pulsing and experiencing the release of long-held tension in my body. She has the ability to listen and connect – intuitively working just in the right place to get the best result.”
EL 2019

“The teaching was great, very informative, very inclusive, getting us to think and feel to be giving and receiving. Great to have both theory and practice. Very hands on training with a lot of opportunities to practice the techniques learnt. The programme content was very comprehensive from the history to the principles, MARS, health checks and different techniques. Great to have a workbook and other documents to refer to.

Myffie was very responsive and very approachable. She was very professional and inclusive. She has such a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to share which really enhanced the learning experience. She is such a great listener and observer. She is so passionate and enthusiastic about holistic Pulsing which is reflected in her teaching. She is really  FG 2024 good at showing and explaining the techniques and encouraging us to experiment and feel rather than thinking so it flows in a much more natural way”. FG 2024