Weekend Retreat at Carters Beach West Coast

A weekend of reflect and inner exploration. Reconnection to self, to learn tools to de-stress. To gain clarity and be able to make decisions that improve your life.

Feedback from participants:

This was my first Retreat I have come away with gratitude of the connections with the other participants that attended. The format flowed for me, the balance was right, the tasks were as basic or as how in depth you wanted to take them. The sharing, caring and aroha of the group throughout the weekend was magical. I learnt how therapeutic reflecting writing can be. I enjoyed the space and environment we were surrounded by, the dancing and the holistic pulsing. MC
I believe and witnessed that the retreat was most beneficial for those people who felt stressed, over-worked, were operating predominantly in their heads, with a need to share and be heard, a need to slow down and be guided in that process. AB
I wouldn’t change anything, it was excellent. There was a lovely flow, lots of space, everyone was heard, and we all grew. I highly recommend a Myffie’s retreat. She facilitated a wonderful exploration of where I was “at” and supported me while I explored some painful areas of my life. She held our group, deepened awareness and connection. I came home feeling refreshed and transformed. EL
A huge congratulations for a fabulous weekend retreat. Have thoroughly enjoyed your presentations, organization, food, hospitality, fun and connecting with such a lovely bunch of ladies. Honestly 10/10 for me. You must be very happy tonight having transformed us in such positive ways. Very inspiring. Loved including the poems…I could see you enjoyed it. Good punchy content really got to the heart of things really encouraged digging deeper within individuals and the group. Amazing collaboration and connections. Authentic compassionate supportive and transforming retreat for me and all of us! JM

Next Retreat being planned!
Watch this space.