Gone is the first flush of romance and now that you are living together things aren’t going so smoothly.

You know it could be better, but somehow you keep missing each other. You are not on the same page you initially thought you were.

Is the person you chose to live with the same person you fell in love with? Have they changed so much? Or did you not really know them in the first place? Maybe you are not understanding each other and missing each other’s cues?

Perhaps your expectations, ideas, beliefs of what a partner should be like and the role they play isn’t fitting the reality?

Sometimes we don’t even realise there is something a bit off in the relationship until the emotions build up and it all blows up one day. We feel sad, frustrated, angry, confused and lonely.

We feel stuck and don’t know how to reconnect to our partner and find the love, joy and connection again.

Once you recognise that your relationship has hit a few bumps, you can do something about it in order to make positive changes to enhance your relationship…

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